Giannini Cars and Busses was founded by my father, Antonio Giannini in 1948. At that time, it was the primary transportation service for the Vatican as well as tourists and pilgrims visiting Rome and the Vatican. When my brother Leonello and I inherited the business nearly 30 years later, we expanded it and began providing transportation services to travel agencies worldwide as well as for RAI – Radiotelevisione Italiana’s – technical crews, journalists, and celebrities.
Over the years, the travel needs of our clients expanded, as did our familiarity with the various cultures and regions of Italy. We have covered many, many miles exploring the beauty, history, art, wine and food available in every region of Italy (both for work and, of course, for pleasure). We have discovered villages that haven’t changed since the 14th century, tiny chapels hidden in even tinier towns filled with art and sculpture that will take your breath away, seaside restaurants that are known only to locals for their unmatched cuisine. After a great deal of contemplation, ouritaly.com was created in 1999 to get information about our special transportation and travel services out to the world in the most efficient and informative manner possible–and to invite discerning travelers to share in our glorious discoveries.
We are true lovers of Italy. Of course, we were born and raised here. But we have traveled the world and can honestly say that there is no other place we’d rather be.

Raffele Giannini,
President ouritaly.com

Clockwise from left: Founder Antonio e Valeria Giannini, Raffele Giannini, Leonello Giannini, Daniele Giannini

What differentiates ouritaly.com from other tour services

  •  We do not offer pre-packaged trips. Each and every program is developed with the specific needs and wants of the individual or group in mind. We spend a great deal of time working with our clients to ensure that their trips to our beautiful country reflect their personal interests and desires.
  •  Because we are a small company that has been built on word-of-mouth and close personal relationships, we are able to offer our clients “exceptional” Italian experiences that most larger companies cannot.
  •  Flexibility is our middle name. Whether you’re a party of two or 50, staying for two days or three weeks, we can design and itinerary to meet all your needs. Furthermore, last minutes changes can usually be accommodated in 24 hours or less.
  •  Your guide(s) will only be as “involved” in your trip as you would like them to be. We pride ourselves on offering travelers the most discreet, charming, and highly professional guides who will do only as much “hand-holding” as you desire. No more and no less.
Antonio Giannini
Daniele Giannini
Silva Giannini


Raffaele Giannini
Debora Giannini
Christine Bauer

Noelle Cleary
Maria Luisa Giannini
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